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Done regularly, extractions can also help reduce breakouts. That's because removing small pore blockages prevents them from turning into larger, inflamed pimples.

Our esthetician will first prepare your skin with light steam to soften the plugs of debris and expand pore openings so the clogged material can come out more easily. They may also exfoliate your skin to help prepare the pores for easier extracting.

Next, the esthetician uses cotton- or tissue-wrapped fingers to apply gentle pressure to each blackhead or blemish. Some estheticians may also use a small metal tool called a comedone extractor. Either way, the goal is to extract the blackhead plug from the pore.

After your treatment, you'll see an immediate change in your skin. You will no longer have blackheads, and your skin will look smoother, especially if the blackheads were large and obvious.


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